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Denned Up As Grizzlies Emerge: Reawakening Awe and Wonder

Photo By Tom Mangelsen by Louisa Willcox Grizzlies are emerging from their winter isolation as most people den up in this strangest of times. More cautious than males, mother bears with new cubs are just now stirring after five months of seeming death. We cannot help but be curious about what goes on deep inside a bear’s den. As we hole up, the bear’s ability to survive 150-180 days without eating, drinking or eliminating waste seems all the more miraculous. A groggy bear mother will have given birth during late January to cubs the size of teacups. But because cubs are so vulnerable, they need to stay in a secure den for several months until they grow big and strong enough to survive in the

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Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the biology and ecology of grizzly bears. Authored by world-renowned bear biologist Dr. David Mattson, this site summarizes and synthesizes in beautiful graphic form the science of grizzly bears.


Find out how much Native Americans care about the grizzly bear, with a Grizzly Treaty that has been signed by more than 270 tribes, as well as numerous traditional societies and leaders. The document has become a symbol of international unity in defense of sovereignty, spiritual and religious protection, and treaty rights. 


For an in depth and comprehensive look at the ecology and demography of grizzly bears in the northern US Rocky Mountains, along with all the research relevant to conservation of these bears, see Mostly Natural History of the Northern Rocky Mountains.


GOAL is a coalition of nearly 50 tribes  (and counting) who object to the federal and state plans to delist grizzly bears prematurely and allow trophy

hunting of this sacred being.

GOAL advocates for the tribes'

legal right to meaningful consultation and also for the reconection of tribal peoples to their traditional homelands

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