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     Saving grizzly bears and their wild country involves challenging work that relies on people who have extraordinary passion, courage, and selflessness. Many of the most effective champions of the Great Bear work behind the scenes without promoting themselves, so they often do not receive the recognition they deserve. That is why we launched the Grizzly Times Hero Awards: to celebrate outstanding but often unsung heroes who are making the world a better place for grizzlies and other wildlife on behalf of generations to come.

     At a time when threats are mounting and bad news can often prevail, it is easy to overlook the important difference that unsung heroes can and do make. In giving these awards, we aim to spotlight those people who are living the example want to see in the world. And in essays accompanying the granting of this award, we will explain why these heroes matter, to both honor those who have been gifted and hopefully inspire others to act.


     We give special thanks to the world-renowned wildlife photographer, Tom Mangelsen, who has allowed us to use an iconic image of Grizzly 399, perhaps the most famous grizzly in the world, in creating this award. This iconic bear symbolizes what we are fighting for: a magnificent animal that is not only intelligent, resourceful, nurturing, and quintessentially wild – but also deserving of our compassion, reverence, and respect.

For more about each recipient, click on their name in the boxes below.


Final award image_QO-062174-C_BROWN.png
Final award image_QO-062174-C_BROWN.png
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