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3% Is Not Enough: Towards Restoring Grizzly Bears

November 30, 2016

This essay reviews the history of grizzly bear extirpations in the contiguous U.S. at the hands of Europeans, the small gains since the provision of ESA protections, and the need for much more.

What's in a Grizzly Name?

November 11, 2016

This essay provides a synopsis of the evolutionary history and unique phylogeny of grizzly bears at mid-latitudes of North America, giving rise to a related imperative to recognize this singular taxonomic and historical reckoning in planning for meaningful recovery. 

Critiques of Current Conceptions of Recovery

The following two links take you to blogs that call for a reconceptualization of standards for recovering grizzly bears in the contiguous-U.S. that acknowledges the magnitude of historical losses and the phylogenetic uniqueness of grizzly bears at mid-latitudes of North America.

The following links take you to a series of blogs and essays that provide readers with information needed to navigate the complexities and deficiencies of grizzly bear-related science produced by government-employed researchers. The number of blogs is testimony to the many ongoing deficiencies.

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Let Them Eat Grizzly Cake    January 28, 2016

This blog explores the fallacies of assuming that all grizzly bear foods are equal and thus able to be substituted one for another, and the equally absurd notion that bears distinguish their foods on the basis of Linnaean Latin taxonomy. 

The Strange Case of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team 

Partisan Scientists in Public Service II     April 7, 2016

Partisan Scientists in Public Service I     March 31, 2016

These two blogs are a part of series that explores the partisan nature of science produced by government-employed grizzly bear researchers, professions of neutrality and objectivity notwithstanding.

The Wonderful Wizard and His Dancing Grizzly Bear Numbers    May 5, 2016

This blog is one of several that elucidates the many ways that government-employed researchers structure research questions and manipulate research results to serve preordained outcomes--notably the removal of ESA protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears. 

Fog of Science I & II

Appling and Oranging Grizzly Bear Numbers    January 19, 2017

The Stealth Advocacy of Grizzly Bear Numbers     January 12, 2017

This two-part series explores the way that numbers are manipulated by government-employed grizzly bear researchers to inflate estimates of the size and trend of Yellowstone's grizzly bear population.


Social Carrying Capacity Politspeak Bamboozle    May 13, 2019

This blog clarifies the pedigree and concept of "social carrying capacity" as well as the many ways that grizzly bear managers pervert this concept to promote partisan political agendas.

Grizzly Sardine Can Blues Reprise    April 26, 2019

This blog explores the ways in which the concept of ecological carrying capacity is misrepresented by grizzly bear managers and researchers as part of an agenda to promote the idea that Yellowstone's grizzly bear population is recovered and ready to be delisted . 

Grizzly Twister and Other Games that Scientists Play    July 31, 2019

This is yet another blog that explores how government scientists frame questions and manipulate the presentation of their results to serve partisan political agendas, often in ways that defy comprehension or any internal logical consistency.


Critiques of Grizzly Bear Science

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