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Image © Tom Mangelson - all rights reserved

Bear Tales

The Story of 399

By Tom Mangelsen, Todd Wilkinson, Lyn Dalebout, and Louisa Willcox

Here we feature one special bear, Grizzly 399, who, along with her cubs and grandcubs in Grand Teton Park, has become a favorite among families from around the world in recent years. Grizzly 399 is now 21 years old, which is old for a wild grizzly. In sharing some stories of members of her clan, we point to the need to do more to co-exist peaceably with these generous grizzlies.

The celebrity grizzly bears of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are the highlight of many family vacations, Grizzly 399, her cubs and grandcubs are, for many, a key focus of attention and affection. 

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