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From Our Readers... 5

This page of essays contributed by our readers is part of the series initiated by From Our Readers...1, with additional contributions in Parts 2, 3, and 4. The response by those wanting to share their inspired connections with grizzly bears has been overwhelming not only in terms of numbers of contributions, but also in terms of depth of passion and emotion. So, in honor of our readers:

"Room to Roam"

  by Phil Knight


Muscles roll under silvertip fur

Her walk is both shuffling and sure

Searching for roots, grubs and berries,

An occasional squirrel she harries.


Two playful cubs tag along

Growling a young grizzly’s song

Watching their mother for example

What she eats they’re eager to sample.


She’ll protect them as well as she can

From dangerous bears or from man

She’ll teach them the ways of the hills

And encourage their natural skills.


But the cubs’ very future is clouded.

By humankind they are being crowded

Will they always find room to roam?

Will we leave them a wilderness home?


‘Cross the West the bear once wandered

But her habitat’s been squandered

By the creature that calls itself wise

and is but a quarter the grizzly’s size.


Wide country and wild she needs

for safety from vile human deeds

To roam unhindered and free

and pursue her own destiny.


Humankind now owns most of the West

and it seems that our race will not rest

‘til we’ve plundered every square acre

Not a giver; always a taker.


Can’t we leave room for another?

For the grizzly cubs and their mother?

For the wolf, badger, eagle and bear?

For all that lives wild out there?


This planet is not ours to ruin

We share it with feline and bruin

With forests, with insects, with birds

With life wonderful beyond words.


Keep it WILD!  Keep it GREEN! Keep it FREE!

Open your eyes and see

We are playing a dangerous game

For the Bear’s fate and ours are the same!

Phil Knight IMG_8380.JPG

Phil grew up in New England and fled for the wilds of the Rockies as soon as he could. He has spent 40 years in the Yellowstone area and has spent a lot of blood sweat and tears defending grizzly bears, wolves, wild forests and other worthy living things. As a Yellowstone Park tour guide Phil is lucky enough to experience Yellowstone's incredible wildlife year round. He and his wife Alaina live in Bozeman.

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