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Grizzly bears are threatened by habitat loss, excessive killing by humans, and climate change -- not only in the lower-48 states, but throughout their range worldwide. Grizzly bear managers have repeatedly stated that the lions’ share of grizzly bear deaths are avoidable. Yet, progress towards recovery, especially steps to reduce human-caused mortality, continue to be tragically uneven. 

This section describes the current basic framework for grizzly bear management in the contiguous United States in Management Basics; summarizes a suite of fundamental problems that typify our current regime for managing grizzly bears in Management Problems; more concretely, the primary reasons that grizzly bears die--almost all of which are preventable--in Why Bears Die; and, finally, A Better Way to manage bears and protect the broader public interest. It is not too late to get it right and recover grizzlies in the lower-48 states.


You can find your way to each of these topical areas by clicking on the appropriate icon above. 


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