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Grizzly Bear Cinema Selections

The following are grizzly-related films/clips and conservation contacts suggested by Louisa Willcox, Grizzly Times Founder

Casey Anderson

Filmmaker and naturalist Casey Anderson rescued a grizzly bear cub he named Brutus, more than a decade ago. Together they strive to educate kids and adults about the importance of sharing our habitat.

Man and Grizzly Bear – Rewriting History

To learn more about Casey Anderson, watch this full-length story.

Man and Grizzly Bear – Adventures with Bella

Meet Bella, an orphaned grizzly bear cub living at the Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, MT.

Learn more about Casey Anderson’s mission to help grizzly bears here:

Stopping the Trophy Grizzly Bear Hunt in British Columbia

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The film Trophy challenges the controversial “sport” that is trophy hunting of grizzly bears across North America, and asks: Can we truly justify killing these animals for entertainment? Partly due to this film and enormous public protest, the provincial government of British Columbia banned the grizzly bear trophy hunt. The first announcement was made in Nov. 2017, but the full ban went into effect on Easter Sunday, 2018.

To learn more about the fight for grizzlies, visit Raincoast Conservation Foundation  Pacific Wild

The Good, the Bad and the Grizzly
By Shane Moore
This video provides an intimate view of the lives led by grizzly bears in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, as well as the challenges they face in surviving an uncertain future.
Spirit Bear Lodge:
Legend of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest

This amazing video of the Spirit Bear Lodge on the coast of British Columbia, operated by the Kitasoo/Xai'Xai Nation, discusses the revitalizing of their community, and demonstrates how sustainable practices can succeed economically, environmentally and culturally. It’s an inspiring success story!

Corn Bears:
Keeping grizzlies away from agricultural food sources in Montana's Mission Valley
People & Carnivores
This video describes how some proactive farmers worked with a nonprofit organization to prevent depredation by grizzlies on their corn crops and facilitate coexistence between people and bears.
Time for the Grizzly?

A Chris Morgan Wildlife / Wildlife Media Production

Grizzly bears have lived in the North Cascades for 20,000 years. Today, fewer than ten of them remain. After decades of research, the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies have released proposals to support recovery of this iconic species.


Ecologist and bear expert Chris Morgan tells the story of grizzly bear recovery in Montana’s Cabinet Mountains. Grizzly recovery, done through science and community involvement, could serve as a model for the North Cascades.

Black Bear Cub Life: Breakups and Bear Rubs

Video by Kylie Paul and Alan Ramsey

Produced by MPG Ranch, Missoula, Montana

Yearling black bear cubs spend springtime with mom and siblings…until the big breakup happens. What’s the story with family breakups? Why and when does it happen? What do yearlings and moms do afterwards? Do yearling bears announce their presence via bear rubs or do they hide out?


This film investigates these questions, examining these important life history moments in the lives of 11 yearling bears documented since 2012.

More cool MPG Ranch wildlife videos are at

Drums of the Great Bear
Spirit Bear and the Northern Gateway Pipeline

This six minute film by Damien Gillis showing the Gitga’at, Tsimshian and other First Nations’ powerful demonstration against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project in Prince Rupert, B.C. The Great Bear Foundation supported the efforts of the Kitasoo and Heiltsuk Nations, and the Valhalla Wilderness Society in B.C. to create a Spirit Bear Conservancy in 2006. This group protects habitat, not only for spirit bears, but for the myriad species of the rare temperate rainforest ecosystem along the B.C. Coast near Prince Rupert--all of which are at risk from the Enbridge project.

Piikani Nation Treaty



Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the biology and ecology of grizzly bears. Authored by world-renowned bear biologist Dr. David Mattson, this site summarizes and synthesizes in beautiful graphic form the science of grizzly bears.


Find out how much Native Americans care about the grizzly bear, with a Grizzly Treaty that has been signed by more than 270 tribes, as well as numerous traditional societies and leaders. The document has become a symbol of international unity in defense of sovereignty, spiritual and religious protection, and treaty rights. 


For an in depth and comprehensive look at the ecology and demography of grizzly bears in the northern US Rocky Mountains, along with all the research relevant to conservation of these bears, see Mostly Natural History of the Northern Rocky Mountains.


GOAL is a coalition of nearly 50 tribes  (and counting) who object to the federal and state plans to delist grizzly bears prematurely and allow trophy

hunting of this sacred being.

GOAL advocates for the tribes'

legal right to meaningful consultation and also for the reconection of tribal peoples to their traditional homelands

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