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Introductions to the Grizzly Times founders

Louisa talks about her first encounter with a grizzly, why these animals fascinate her, and the challenges they face.

David talks about how he came to Yellowstone, and why he is so fascinated by grizzly bears.

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Cool Facts About Cool Bears
Interviews & Recordings of Talks by Scientists

Seven scientists describe the challenges grizzly bears face and why hunting them is such a bad idea. This web page provides more information about this film and the scientists who were interviewed

Dr. David Mattson describes the changing world of Yellowstone's grizzly bears. The talk was filmed at the Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson, Wyoming, in July 2015.

This talk covers the past, present, and future prospects of grizzly bears in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem. The talk was filmed in Missoula, Montana, during December 2018. For more on NCDE grizzlies follow this link to download "Heart of the Grizzly Bear Nation."

Enjoy these presentations made during August, 2019, at the Roxy Theater in Missoula, Montana, that describe relations among bison, grizzly bears, and people. Click here for more on the bison-grizzly bear connection.

Louisa Willcox describes the miracles and mysteries of hibernation that have long enthralled people, including contemporary scientists.

Louisa talks about how bears have inspired humans and provided us with literal and figurative direction for millennia, including as constellations in the sky.

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Featuring Steve Primm and David Mattson (see this page), this specially produced video outlines a new visions for recovery of grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies, featuring new science and the ample potential for coexistence between people & grizzly bears

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Summaries of New Technical Reports Covering Conservation Challenges

This video introduces viewers to the impacts of trains and railways on grizzly bears, and provides a summary of key results from a new technical report.

Hunting is probably one of the most hazardous human activities around grizzly bears. This video describes why, drawing on results from a new technical report.

People on foot have impacts on grizzly bears. This video summaries key results from a new technical report on the many ways that "pedestrians" can affect grizzlies.

Mountain biking is hazardous for people and has major impacts on grizzly bears. Find out why in this video that covers relevant results of a new technical report.

This collection contains animated & narrated Power Point presentations as well as videos with interviews of GTs people.


This collection of videos features inspiring individuals who have transformed how we see and understand grizzly bears.


Here you can find a collection of videos produced by other film-makers featuring grizzly bears and conservation issues.

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