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Interviews with    Louisa & David

This page provides links to interviews with Louisa and David that have been published in magazine articles or archived in podcasts or recordings of radio shows. These interviews provide a bit more insight into who we are, why we do what we do, and what we hope to achieve with Grizzly Times, and are (perhaps) a more accessible and nuanced articulation of what's written on Who We Are, How We Work, and Core Values. You can listen to the interviews or download the articles by clicking on the graphics or titles.  

David Resistance Radio.png

This interview by Derrick Jensen as part of his "Resistance Radio" series features David Mattson talking about the wonders and mysteries of grizzly bears as well as prospects for restoring this species to the Southwestern United States.  

Derrick Jensen's Resistance Radio: Life & Times of Grizzlies

This interview on BBC's "The Conversation" features a three-way conversation among Shivani Bhalla, Louisa Willcox, and the BBC's Kim Chakanetsa about the practice and art of protecting large carnivores in a world that poses ever-increasing challenges for lions, grizzly bears, and the people who care about or live with them.  

BBC The Conversation.jpg

BBC's The Conversation: Women Saving Lions & Bears

Adam Bronstein's Wilderness Podcast: Grizzly Bear Advocacy

This conversation by Adam Bronstein with Louisa Willcox and David Mattson on "Wilderness Podcast" explores the challenges facing grizzly bears, the problems of wildlife management institutions, and the formative experiences that led Louisa and David to care so deeply about bears, the natural world, and democracy.  

David & Louisa_Wilderness Podcast.jpg

This article published in "The Sun" records an interview by Savannah Barnes with Louisa Willcox and David Mattson in which the many dimensions of relations between humans and grizzly bears are explored, including the roles of myth, worldviews, values, emotion, and compassion. 

Barnes_2020_A test of our compassion-2.j

Savannah Barnes in The Sun: A Test of Our Compassion

Vicki Sielaff in Bozeman Outside: A League of Their Own

This article published in "Bozeman Outside" and written by Vicki Sielaff features Louisa Willcox and David Mattson reflecting on their experiences with grizzly bears, but with a particular emphasis on what makes grizzlies in the Yellowstone ecosystem so unique, not only in North America, but also globally. 

League of Their Own_Outside Bozeman Spri

Vicki Sielaff in Bozeman Outside: Active Retirement

This article published in "Bozeman Outside" and written by Vicki Sielaff features Louisa Willcox and her continuing endeavors in retirement to promote conservation and protect grizzlies and the wildlands they depend on. There is a good reason why Vicki puts quotation marks around "retirement" every time it is mentioned. 

Sielaff_Summer 2022_Louisa in retirement-2.jpg

Gloria Dickie in High Country News: Grizzly Face-Off

This article published in "High Country News" and written by award-winning author Gloria Dickie features Louisa Willcox and David Mattson as part of an exploration of issues surrounding removal of Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears. The article was published in 2016 shortly after the US Fish & Wildlife Service had removed protections for Yellowstone grizzlies and before subsequent litigation successfully overturned the Service's ill-informed decison. 

Christopher Ketcham in This Land: Chapters 15 and 16

These chapters published in Chris Ketcham's 2019 book "This Land' recounts the history of efforts to protect Yellowstone's grizzly bears in the face of multiple government attempts to remove Endangered Species Act protections. The chapters feature David Mattson as a protagonist as well as commentator on this contentious history. 

Ketcham_This Land cover.jpg

Todd Wilkinson in Science Under Siege: A Grizzly Future

This chapter published in Todd Wilkinson's 1998 book "Science Under Siege" describes government efforts to subvert science as part of early attempts to remove Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone's grizzly bears.  The chapter features David Mattson as a protagonist in this telling instance of "science under siege." 

Wilkinson_Science Under Siege cover.jpg
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