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Of Estella Leopold and a “Fierce Green Fire” for the Earth

by Louisa Willcox This week, I am thrilled to launch the first of a four-part podcast featuring Estella Leopold, daughter of conservationist, writer, and philosopher Aldo Leopold. Last summer I traveled to Seattle for a conversation about her amazing life and adventures. At 92 years of age, and still frequenting her lab at the University of Washington’s Quaternary Research Center, Estella burns with passion for the natural world. At this critical time in our history, her perspectives are especially valuable for wildlife, wilderness, and our planet. I hope you enjoy! My husband David was horrified to see the three pages of questions I had sent Estella beforehand: “You would not pile so much o

Tale of Two Carnivores: Lions, Bears and BBC's “The Conversation”

[Lion Credit: Ewaso Lions; Shivani Bhalla Credit: Nina Fascione; Louisa Willcox Credit: Louisa Willcox; Grizzly Bear Credit: Richard Spratley] by Louisa Willcox I hope one day to meet lion conservationist Shivani Bhalla, a sister in spirit who lives half a world away, in northern Kenya. We are featured in BBC’s global radio program “The Conversation,” where each episode features two women from different countries, who work in similar fields. The show airs as naturalist and filmmaker David Attenborough’s new series “Dynasties” debuts in America. This time the inimitable Attenborough brings the lives of lions, chimpanzees, tigers, painted wolves and emperor penguins into our living rooms and o

Action Jackson: Of Poachers, Grizzlies and Coexistence

by Louisa Willcox In a new Grizzly Times podcast, Bob Jackson shares stories of his fascinating 30-year career as a backcountry ranger in Yellowstone Park. He was dubbed “Action Jackson” for his work contributing to a record number of convictions of poachers in a remote southern area of the Park known as the Thorofare. As Bob and I swapped stories about a particularly fraught period during the early 2000s -- Bob while employed by the Park Service and me with Sierra Club and later Natural Resources Defense Council -- my blood boiled again at the pattern of unnecessary conflicts between hunters and grizzlies that each of us worked hard to address, each in the ways we could. The chronic conflic

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