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Obesity In Bears: Vital and Beautiful

She was so obese that, from behind, her gait looked more like a waddle than a walk. You could see the fat on her massive butt roll from side to side with each deliberate step. Her dark hair glistened in the fall sunlight. No, she was not a human with a weight problem. She was a grizzly bear. At 400 plus pounds of jiggling fat and raw muscle, she was stunningly beautiful. It hasn’t been easy to gain all that fat. Amazingly, she consumed roughly 30,500 kcal of digestible energy every day this fall (link), compared to the approximate 2,700 kcal that a 200-pound couch potato human would need to survive. In Yellowstone, the best foods are, of course, the fattiest, including the seeds of whitebar

Contingencies of Coexistence, Part II: Diagnosing the Landscapes

In part one of this two part series I offer my take on how the heterogeneity of those involved in the drama of cohabiting with wolves and grizzly bears can be usefully parsed for diagnostic purposes. My four broad categories are Regressive Reprobates, Reluctant Pragmatists, Uninformed Innocents, and Affirmative Innovators, each denoted with a name that is hopefully partly self-explanatory. For more on each see Part I, Parsing the Participants. My take is specific to the northern US Rocky Mountains, but with potential relevance to other regions in North America, even other parts of the world. Categorizing participants is but a first step. The most useful follow-on applications are to first re

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