Image © Tom Mangelsen - all rights reserved

Image © Tom Mangelsen - all rights reserved

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Grizzly Times is a voice for the imperiled Grizzly Bear (ursus arctos) in the Yellowstone region and the wild ecosystems of the northern Rocky Mountains of the United States.


Intelligent, resilient and resourceful, grizzly bears have fascinated us for thousands of years. With their human-like qualities, such as standing on hind legs, eating the same variety of foods as we do and fierce nurturing of young, grizzlies remind us of ourselves and our connections to the natural world. The Great Bear has long been a powerful symbol of renewal and transformation due to its re-emergence in spring from beneath the ground after a winter of seeming death.      


At Grizzly Times, we seek to conserve and recover the grizzly bear by using the most precise and comprehensive science available. We look to expand and connect its wild refuges, as well as restore it to suitable habitat from which it was eliminated by settlers, while keeping it safe from ever-encroaching humans.


There are those who still see the grizzly as a threat or a trophy, but we believe it is our obligation to protect it.



In this blog David reflects on the climate-change denial rife among grizzly bear managers, ironically at a time when we have set a record globally for the warmest month ever in recorded history, and at a time when the latest Global Circulation Models show that we are facing more rapid warming than had been previously predicted. In a companion piece, David outlines relations between human-grizzly bear conflict and climate warming in testimony he recently submitted to the Senate Public Works and the Environment Committee. 

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In this blog David cuts through the fog of obfuscations and misrepresentations generated by government researchers and managers to clarify what's actually been going on with Yellowstone's grizzly bear population during the last 10 years. The convolutions of government spokespeople are so remarkable that they bring to mind the game Twister in which participants contort themselves until they topple over under the weight of their own distortions.

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With this blog, Grizzly Times features Episode 2 of a 4-part podcast featuring Estella Leopold, daughter of conservation icon, scientist, and philosopher Aldo Leopold—the father of modern wildlife management and the American Wilderness System. Here Louisa writes about Aldo Leopold’s transformations, including his views of predators that are still far more informed and progressive than views held by trophy hunters and state game managers.  


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