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Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the biology and ecology of grizzly bears. Authored by world-renowned bear biologist Dr. David Mattson, this site summarizes and synthesizes in beautiful graphic form the science of grizzly bears.


Find out how much Native Americans care about the grizzly bear, with a Grizzly Treaty that has been signed by more than 270 tribes, as well as numerous traditional societies and leaders. The document has become a symbol of international unity in defense of sovereignty, spiritual and religious protection, and treaty rights. 


For an in depth and comprehensive look at the ecology and demography of grizzly bears in the northern US Rocky Mountains, along with all the research relevant to conservation of these bears, see Mostly Natural History of the Northern Rocky Mountains.


GOAL is a coalition of nearly 50 tribes  (and counting) who object to the federal and state plans to delist grizzly bears prematurely and allow trophy

hunting of this sacred being.

GOAL advocates for the tribes'

legal right to meaningful consultation and also for the reconection of tribal peoples to their traditional homelands

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Grizzly Times is a voice for imperiled grizzly bears in Yellowstone and their wild ecosystems in the Northern Rockies. Intelligent, resilient and resourceful, grizzlies have fascinated us for thousands of years. With their human-like qualities, such as standing on hind legs, eating the same kinds of food as we do, and fierce nurturing of young, grizzlies remind us of ourselves and our connections to the natural world. Re-emerging in spring from beneath the ground after a winter of seeming death, the bear has long been a symbol of renewal and transformation.      


At Grizzly Times, we seek to recover the Great Bear, expand and connect its wild refuges, and restore it to suitable habitat from which it was extirpated by trigger-happy European settlers. There is still room to recover the grizzly bear, even though the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. 



This site is for those who seek to deeply understand the Great Bear and the policy debates surrounding it, including journalists, advocates, scientists and bear fans. If you are interested in the natural history and cool science of grizzlies, see Bear Knowledge. Debunking Delisting takes on the current debate about removing federal protections from Yellowstone and potentially Glacier’s grizzlies. If you want to know more about how current science is being handled by managers and politicians, see Honest Science. If you are curious about management and how the public interest is currently being served, see Management ProblemsHeroes and Myths includes stories of individuals and groups who have made a positive difference for grizzlies, as well as both ancient myths and modern tales of our relationships with grizzlies.  Dead Bears includes a summary and analysis of the deaths of grizzly bears, which are especially vulnerable because of low reproductive rates. For an overview of this site see the Site Map.

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In this blog David reflects on the climate-change denial rife among grizzly bear managers, ironically at a time when we have set a record globally for the warmest month ever in recorded history, and at a time when the latest Global Circulation Models show that we are facing more rapid warming than had been previously predicted. In a companion piece, David outlines relations between human-grizzly bear conflict and climate warming in testimony he recently submitted to the Senate Public Works and the Environment Committee. 

In this blog David cuts through the fog of obfuscations and misrepresentations generated by government researchers and managers to clarify what's actually been going on with Yellowstone's grizzly bear population during the last 10 years. The convolutions of government spokespeople are so remarkable that they bring to mind the game Twister in which participants contort themselves until they topple over under the weight of their own distortions.

With this blog, Grizzly Times features Episode 2 of a 4-part podcast featuring Estella Leopold, daughter of conservation icon, scientist, and philosopher Aldo Leopold—the father of modern wildlife management and the American Wilderness System. Here Louisa writes about Aldo Leopold’s transformations, including his views of predators that are still far more informed and progressive than views held by trophy hunters and state game managers.  

With this blog, Louisa is thrilled to launch the first of a four-part podcast featuring Estella Leopold, daughter of conservationist, writer, and philosopher Aldo Leopold. Last summer Louisa traveled to Seattle for a conversation about Estella's amazing life and adventures. At 92 years of age, and still frequenting her lab at the University of Washington’s Quaternary Research Center, Estella burns with passion for the natural world.

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