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Grizzly panel says Yellowstone bears recovered by Matt Brown (AP)

Critique by Louisa Willcox


Coastal grizzly hunt territories eyed for purchase by First Nations, Enviros by Mychaylo Prystupa (Vancouver Observer)

Critique by Louisa Willcox


For pure political propaganda (co-written by FWS Director Dan Ashe and Wyoming Governor Matt Mead) see the Jackson Hole News and Guide. The lack of science and law was noteworthy and the disregard for public opinion was breathtaking. Full story here


Reporter Angus Thuermer of Wyofile has been kicking serious ass on the grizzly bear issue. No other reporter has brought such focused intensity or intelligence to the grizzly bear issue. Way to go Angus!    Read more here . . .


The Park Service is standing up for grizzly bears - Todd Wilkinson reports with great insight


Lush unleashes campaign against B.C.'s grizzly and wolf trophy hunt


grizzly bears


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Don Shoulderblade - GOAL Spokesman
Don Shoulderblade - GOAL Spokesman
Disney Bears - Save grizzlies from delisting
Disney Bears - Save grizzlies from delisting



grizzly bears





Way to go Angus!


For the last four months, veteran reporter Angus Thuermer of Wyofile has been kicking serious ass on the grizzly bear issue.


He has leaked two stories, one involving a letter from US Fish and Wildlife Service Director to the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana outlining an agreement in principle on a plan to remove endangered species protections for Yellowstone’s grizzly bears. Another involved a draft Memorandum of Agreement between the states that will divvy up the bears allowed in a hunt post-delisting.


His latest have focused on a bill introduced in the Wyoming state legislature that would prevent Wyoming wildlife officials from participating in investigations of poaching cases involving wolves and grizzly bears.


No other reporter has brought such focused intensity or intelligence to the grizzly bear issue. Way to go Angus!







It is a sad truth that media coverage of grizzly bear issues is often biased, inaccurate and incomplete, and fails to inform key questions and choices that the public must grapple with today: whether Yellowstone and Glacier bears are doing well enough to justify removing protections and allow a sport hunt and more bear killing. 


Make no mistake - this confusion is by design, to help the government to retain power over its preordained agenda, which is delisting grizzly bears. It is not unlike church officials giving sermons in Latin centuries ago. This raises the questions of what taxpayer-funded science is in the service of: a powerful few or a broader public?


Grizzly Times fills in gaps of information - the info that tends to be omitted because it doesn’t support the government’s delisting agenda. The public will be best able to make informed decisions if they understand the science (in as simple terms as possible) and the power stakes at play. Who is going to win or lose with delisting and what does that mean for bears and each of us?   


Information about grizzly bears is often confusing and cloaked in techno-scientific terms by managers. The language makes it hard for people to understand what is going on. It makes people think they need to be “experts” to engage in the debate about the grizzly bear’s future.


Although scientific knowledge is helpful – and we aim to provide a lot of good information on this site - grizzly bears are a public entity. Everybody has a say in what happens to bears, not a privileged few. Peoples’ values and views matter. 


Yet the press often relies on the “experts” who work for government, which here is promoting an agenda centered on the states running the show.  High deadline pressure and shrinking article lengths make matters worse. 


To reporters, what the public has to say is a non-story, despite the eloquence and persuasiveness of comments and testimony.

A few "experts" still get almost all the ink. 


Over two decades, over 90% of the public, in seven different processes, has asked that bears be protected, rather than sacrificed to state management. In Grizzly Times,  we try to tell the rest of the story, and to give voice to those who have been silenced.

Way to go Angus
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