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Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Diverse Voices

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The grizzly needs protection at once, needs your active interest now. He is making his last stand and is surrounded by relentless foes… Protection only will save him and enable him to perpetuate himself. Without the grizzly the wilds would be dull. The canyon and the crag would lose their eloquent appeal. This wild uncrowned king has won his place in nature which no other animal can fill. We need the grizzly bear.

Enos Mills


Bears keep me humble. They help me to keep the world in perspective and to understand where I fit on the spectrum of life. We need to preserve the wilderness and its monarchs for ourselves, and for the dreams of children. We should fight for these things as if our life depended upon it, because it does.                         

Wayne Lynch     

Enjoy these quotes from people who can make you think about different relationships with wild animals such as grizzly bears. Some voices have the ability to provoke a conversation about coexistance between bears and humans in a different, and even unthreatening way.

“The grizzly bear is a living spirit that is a part of our ceremonies and our ancestors have been using the medicine given by the grizzly bear – Mato – for generations. Mitakuye Oyasin."

Chief Arvol Looking Horse


"Alive, the grizzly is a symbol of freedom and understanding - a sign that man can learn to conserve what is left of earth. Extinct, it will be another fading testimony of things man should have learned more about but was too preoccupied with himself to notice."

Frank Craighead, Track of the Grizzly

© R. Bear Stands Last- All Rights Reserved

"I have been in the wilderness with grizzlies and without grizzlies. With grizzlies is a paw print in the trail that redefines the day, or a mother bear sliding down a snowbank while her cubs ride on her belly. With grizzlies is awakening, generous, demanding, strengthening, humbling, and whole all at once.


Without grizzlies is to continue on your way immersed in the same old thoughts with the same smug sense of human dominion… With grizzlies is better. They are the untamed soul of the Rockies." 

Doug Chadwick


"Bears are made of the same dust as we, and breathe the same winds, and drink of the same waters. A bear's days are warmed by the same sun, his dwellings are overdosed by the same blue sky, and his life turns and ebbs with heart pulsings like ours…"

John Muir


"When the grizzly is gone, we shall have lost the most sublime specimen of wildlife that exalts the western wilderness."

John McGuire



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