Piikani Nation Treaty



Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the biology and ecology of grizzly bears. Authored by world-renowned bear biologist Dr. David Mattson, this site summarizes and synthesizes in beautiful graphic form the science of grizzly bears.


Find out how much Native Americans care about the grizzly bear, with a Grizzly Treaty that has been signed by more than 270 tribes, as well as numerous traditional societies and leaders. The document has become a symbol of international unity in defense of sovereignty, spiritual and religious protection, and treaty rights. 


For an in depth and comprehensive look at the ecology and demography of grizzly bears in the northern US Rocky Mountains, along with all the research relevant to conservation of these bears, see Mostly Natural History of the Northern Rocky Mountains.


GOAL is a coalition of nearly 50 tribes  (and counting) who object to the federal and state plans to delist grizzly bears prematurely and allow trophy

hunting of this sacred being.

GOAL advocates for the tribes'

legal right to meaningful consultation and also for the reconection of tribal peoples to their traditional homelands

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Grizzly bears and their management get a lot of media attention. The number of articles written and in circulation are legion. Most are a simple and uncritical recitation of "the facts," mostly as delivered to hurried and undiscerning journalists by government spokespeople intent on advancing a political agenda. But not all articles qualify for the junk-pile of journalistic history. Several outlets employ motivated journalists who have been given (or taken) the time to write truly informative and useful articles. In this section you will find links to some of these more worthwhile journalistic efforts along with some of the more pedestrian sort. Much more could be said about the state of journalism in our modern society, but thankfully intelligent journalists produce quality journalism in a few remaining nooks and crannies.

For those of you with a Frequently Asked Questions, the link at right takes you to some of the more relevant answers.


I will be updating this section as more useful articles become available. Enjoy! 

States Respond to Delisting with Calls for More Aggressive Management, Gutting the ESA:

07/05/2017 - AgriPulse - Western Governors seek bigger role for states in ESA listings

06/26/2017 - Cody Enterprise - Grizzly bears delisted after 42 years of protection


Tribes Take on the Federal Government Over Grizzly Bear Delisting:

07/05/2017 - Rapid City Journal - Tribal leaders declare unity in opposition to removal of Yellowstone grizzly from protected status

06/26/2017 - CounterPunch - Out of the Shadow of Custer: Zinke Proves He’s No “Champion” of Indian Country With his Grizzly Lies

06/20/2017 - High Country News - Tribal nations fight removal of grizzly protections


Check out the Video on this one on 7.4.2017 Rapid City Treaty Event:


07/04/2017 - KEVN Black Hills - First Nations from U.S. and Canada gather to sign several treaties

The Tragic and Unnecessary Death of Yellowstone Grizzly Icon, Scarface, a Harbinger for Other Roadside Bears:


06/29/2017 - Casper Star Tribune - Famous Yellowstone grizzly Scarface was shot at close range by elk hunter, documents show

06/22/2017 - Yellowstone Insider - New Details Regarding Scarface Death Released in FOIA Request

Good Feature Pieces with Informative Background on Delisting:

05/01/2017 - Men's Journal - The Grizzly Man’s Last Stand

05/16/2016 - High Country News - As delisting looms, grizzly advocates prepare for a final face-off


Interesting opinion pieces

07/02/2017 - The Cap Times - Patricia Randolph's Madravenspeak: Save Yellowstone's grizzly bears!

07/01/2017 - Canton Daily Ledger - Spoon River Sportsman: Grizzly and fox


Other Relevant Articles


06/29/2017 - League of Conservation Voters - New League of Conservation Voters poll says people are paying close attention to Trump’s assault on climate and environment: majority less favorable towards members of Congress who support administration’s dangerous agenda